Two Leo Risings Start a Blog…

[Insert cackle here]

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Faye and Iris met in 2010 while formally studying in a Wiccan coven. Faye is a Capricorn – fiercely independent, calm on the outside and intense on the inside, she both loves and resents structure. Iris is a Gemini. Opinionated, a bit challenging, a bit of a joker, and loves starting new things but isn’t good at finishing them. 

Our teacher always half teased that Capricorns and Geminis make the most challenging students, which always made us cackle with glee. Both of us do best when held accountable so we quickly found that working together, talking things out and sharing our processes helped us go further, learn more, reflect better and laugh more. 

After we experimented with spagyric tinctures (aka lighting things on fire, breaking dishes, smoking out the house, melting Iris’s stove and Faye’s husband thinking WTF is my wife doing now), this blog was born…

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