Iris’ Full Moon in Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius lands along that line that divides the zodiac’s rulership. Why this particular line? I see references to the heliacal rising of Sirius, which this year from my location, is technically on August 11th, in Leo. The star location in the astrological chart in Cancer (in the tropical zodiac.) These two signs are rules by the luminaries, the Sun and Moon. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. (This may be defined in the Picatrix, but I’ll need to define that better to myself… and if Sirius is also characterised as a Bringer of Light.) All this to say, because of the proximity to zero degrees Leo, I find this Full Moon to be especially about brightness in dark spaces.

Leo’s Full and New Moon activate a particular axis. It is the first of two full moons in Aquarius this year. Leo and Aquarius are my 1st and 7th house. They are my partner’s 5th and 11th, and this is certainly a fascinating time for him as fatherhood and career and lifestyle changes in our life right now are fulfilling his long-aspired dreams. He is calm and excited amongst such great life progressions. I feel privileged to see him so happy and confident – and grateful and humbled that he is so ready to share that abundance with me.

For me, these stars bring such a radical change of identity, in what I thought I wanted from life.

And so, that beautiful full moon seated on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius, between Saturn and Pluto, reflecting the radiance of a Leo Sun, is just stunning to me; There is a fate pattern I am settling into that is very much like that of my own parents. That feels restrictive in some ways, as saturn often is, and yet there is security and lineage here. And duty. And also joy, as my daughter reminds me that lineage transcends time, and that looking forward is beautiful when it’s with people you love.

That radiant moon reminds me that I don’t think I’ve felt happier, or freer, in my whole life. (Which is absurd. Having a baby in a lockdown during a pandemic? Freeing??!!) It’s the first time in letting myself dream about what I really want in the future, without any limitation.

The New Moon will bring different ruminations. The Sun and Moon will be in Leo, opposed by Saturn in Aquariusand square Uranus in Taurus (my 10th and my partner’s 2nd), I suspect there will be news about home-buying. Ordinarily, squares and opposites are “negative” (squares are 90 degrees, assocated with Mars; Oppositions are 180 degrees, associated with Saturn), but there are some interesting aspects happeneing that make me wonder…

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  1. If I recall correctly, there was a particular 12th house (Cancer) transit and a venus/mars opposite saturn, and a sun opposite pluto. A significant conflict emerged at this time that was difficult. I hope that it has allowed the people involved to talk and share better. I finalized some significant decisions, including stepping down from the coven I work in – my life has changed, my priorities have changed… It’s time to do some work on my own.

    The second full moon in aquarius has come and gone, and we have indeed purchased a new home. (The chart of the inspection date is just fascinating! The inspection was really the final element that defined whether or not we would buy that home, which is why I considered that moment important.


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