The Circle – Wicca for Devotional Astrology Part 1

A question for astrologers with devotional practices. Have you considered Wicca? Hear me out 😉

You probably look at an astrological chart several times a week. Have you ever imagined casting a chart with your body, creating a ritual circle, a sacred space within which to commune with the Celestial?

Wicca for Devotional Astrology Part 1 – The Circle

Casting a circle in Wicca, at its most basic level, is creating a vessel of sacred space by invoking 4 cardinal forces, usually an element associated with a particular direction. Which element goes where can be very different amongst traditions and individuals.

As an astrologer, you are already familiar with the four foundational forces that make up humankind’s experience of this world, forces that go by many names, such as The Elements – fire, air, water and earth. You are already familiar with navigating them as the four essential stations about a circle that form the axis of the cosmos- the angular houses, and also the medium & imum coeli along with the ascendant and descendant.

Circle casting can appear deceivingly simple. Wiccan ritual, including the casting of a circle, contains components that represent the whole cosmology of a beautiful initiatory system – just like astrology does. The circle itself reminds us of our true nature, that we ourselves are talismans that are continuously self-actualizing through lived experience. It’s not surprising that Wicca is harmonious with astrology. There is definitely an intersection between the two and Hermetic philosophy, though how important this is depends on the tradition or the individual. This might not matter at all to other Wiccans, but it might be a HUGE DEAL to astrologers looking for an experiential ritual magic practice that begins and ends with DEVOTION.

[To learn more about the progression of ideas that have impacted and also moved beyond Wicca, I recommend “The Triumph of the Moon” by Ronald Hutton.]

You may have noticed I called the circle a vessel. Creating a boundary in the form of a circle is not obligatory in devotional practice, but one can be used as an intentional technique for some specific purposes.

  1. It creates steps and actions that gradually increase mindfulness and focus, and help a practitioner shift their consciousness from the mundane to the sacred.
  2. It serves to contain focus and energy that can be raised and redirected, and achieve a level of intensity and concentration that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, just as a blacksmith uses a forge to stoke a fire hot enough to transform.
  3. To contain a specific and intentional kind of environment or magical microclimate.

    In Solomonic Grimoire Magic, this is done to summon a particular spirit or intelligence . The space in the circle has to be inviting and hospitable to the Being that is evoked into it, a space that is separate from the practitioner.

    In Wicca, the guest of honor is not only evoked into the same sacred space the participants occupy, it is also invoked into and channeled by a person in a rite called “Drawing Down the Moon”. Having a magical circle is an important part of making this kind of a practice possible.

There is so much more to say about how working with a ritual circle is transformative…
I’ll write more about the Moon in part 2
I’ll touch upon Drawing Down again in Part 3
I’ll present different views about the 8-Fold Wheel of the Year in Part 4. (Yes, really, the 8-Fold Wheel of the Year ties into working with the stars! This is a passionate subject for me right now.)

I’d love to share more in detail about how any person can work with Wicca to create their own immersive, experiential celestial devotional practice. I’d also like it to be more personal than a blog post. I’m planning an e-mail correspondence series to do just that!

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