Planetary Sunwait

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a trend called Sunwait becoming more popular on social media as a way to countdown to the Solstice. I initially thought of trying it with the Futhorc, as I found it to be a lovely way to take the lessons of the runes and apply them to the season, but I didn’t think the runes would speak to my child or partner in the same way and I really wanted it to be a tradition that could be adopted by us all.

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The Moon

Part 2 of the series Wicca for Devotional Astrology

A question for astrologers with devotional practices. Have you considered Wicca? Hear me out.

To say the moon is important in astrology is an enormous understatement. The Moon is called The Mediatrix, the essential interpreter and translator for other celestial forces to humankind. 

For someone observing a planetary devotional practice drawing from Traditional Astrology, the Moon and Lunar Work is the place to start. Wicca is a system that is inherently lunar that can be used to deepen one’s personal practice and bring it from prayer to ceremony. It is a helpful model for group ceremonial ritual experience. 

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The Circle – Wicca for Devotional Astrology Part 1

A question for astrologers with devotional practices. Have you considered Wicca? Hear me out 😉

You probably look at an astrological chart several times a week. Have you ever imagined casting a chart with your body, creating a ritual circle, a sacred space within which to commune with the Celestial?

Wicca for Devotional Astrology Part 1 – The Circle

Casting a circle in Wicca, at its most basic level, is creating a vessel of sacred space by invoking 4 cardinal forces, usually an element associated with a particular direction. Which element goes where can be very different amongst traditions and individuals.

As an astrologer, you are already familiar with the four foundational forces that make up humankind’s experience of this world, forces that go by many names, such as The Elements – fire, air, water and earth. You are already familiar with navigating them as the four essential stations about a circle that form the axis of the cosmos- the angular houses, and also the medium & imum coeli along with the ascendant and descendant.

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Iris’ Full Moon in Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius lands along that line that divides the zodiac’s rulership. Why this particular line? I see references to the heliacal rising of Sirius, which this year from my location, is technically on August 11th, in Leo. The star location in the astrological chart in Cancer (in the tropical zodiac.) These two signs are rules by the luminaries, the Sun and Moon. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. (This may be defined in the Picatrix, but I’ll need to define that better to myself… and if Sirius is also characterised as a Bringer of Light.) All this to say, because of the proximity to zero degrees Leo, I find this Full Moon to be especially about brightness in dark spaces.

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2nd Decan of Virgo: 9 of Pentacles

Before I start thinking about what this phase looks like… some general context:

Astrological houses are divided into 3 decans per sign:

1st decan = 0-10° and is ruled by the sign the decan finds itself in. So for example, since I’m a Capricorn, I’ll use Capricorn. The first decan of Capricorn is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.

2nd decan = 11-20° The 2nd decan of a sign is ruled by the next elemental sign. So the 2nd decan of Capricorn is ruled by Taurus and Venus.

3rd decan = 21-30° The 3rd decan is ruled by the remaining elemental sign. The 3rd decan of Capricorn is ruled by Virgo and Mercury.

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Self-Knowledge & Astrology

At times I have loved astrology. It’s been an easy way to get people to talk about themselves, how they see themselves, what matters to them and the kind of person they’d like to be. 

At other times I’ve hated astrology. I don’t like it when people use it to explain a behavior, an outlook, or a world event. I don’t like the idea of people boxing themselves into a category.

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