your altar is better than my altar

Your altar is definitely better than mine

My altar is so simple that when I see people’s altars online, I’m struck by how bare bones it really is. What you see below is a daily type of variant that you’d see most often at my altar. My meditation cushion, tarot, my candle and incense. The flowers are dried lavender from my garden and are there just to make it prettier. Ultimately the only required items on my altar are the candle and the incense.

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Natural vs Purchased Magical Items

Pagan Perspective is a decade-long YouTube channel made up of different contributors that give their own perspectives on questions sent to them. I love how this channel isn’t definitive but personal, and provokes so much reflection. 

Question (paraphrased): What do you think about using man-made and mass-produced items in craftwork and ritual versus naturally occurring?

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