Experimenting with Lunar Cycles

As a witch, I often feel like I should be more attuned to the moon than I am. (I’ve also thought this in regards to the seasons and the sabbats). Perhaps this is in part due to some idolized narrative of what I think witchery is or part of it is my contrarian nature wanting to find ways to be different. Either way, I do have a sense that being more attuned to the moon would be beneficial to my awareness of energy currents around me and would impact my practice.

I’ve toyed with ways to track lunar cycles over the years, from daily or weekly journals, to sabbat goals/lists as ways to be more aware of energy tides and have found that there is a tension between my awareness/mindfulness and my concentration/discipline in seeing these types of initiatives through long enough to be able to actually see if they have an impact on my practice.

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