Why We Should Make a Few of Our Tools

First, a disclaimer: I know that not everyone is adept at crafting and that we can make an argument that handcrafting tools might be ableism. I would like to preface the text that follows with this caveat: making your own tools can be a significant learning experience but it does not mean that purchased tools can’t have their own value/significance in differing ways. The work is merely different.

Making tools is a labour of love. The hours poured into a handcrafted tool will inevitably help foster a bond or story of origin between you and the tool you craft. Making a tool from scratch requires planning, intention, and patience. It requires a willingness to sit with imperfection, yours and your tool’s, and love it anyways.

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Natural vs Purchased Magical Items

Pagan Perspective is a decade-long YouTube channel made up of different contributors that give their own perspectives on questions sent to them. I love how this channel isn’t definitive but personal, and provokes so much reflection. 

Question (paraphrased): What do you think about using man-made and mass-produced items in craftwork and ritual versus naturally occurring?

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