Disclaimer: the moon is in Cancer, I’m feeling feisty, and the public pagan-o-sphere has gotten me mad again.

I practice Wicca. Or at least, I was trained in Wicca and I’m currently re-evaluating the teachings I was given. But in the meantime, I can say, despite all the questionable colonialism inherent in Wicca, that the teachings I was given have provided me with a great deal of insight into my character, the world, and life. I am, despite my questions and issues with group dynamics, beyond grateful for what my teachers imparted and the experience of having worked in a coven. My experience in my old coven and my training has help make me the person I am today, including the person who wants to decolonize her practice.

That said, pardon my language, but WTF is up with people gravitating towards Wicca-lite? The lack of discipline and structure? The inability to understand that any esoteric practice is a practice and thus, requires work?

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Group Expectations

Let’s be clear: no practitioner joins a coven or group without some sort of expectations. We all have them. The ones we are aware of and the ones we aren’t aware of; both of which can be equally positive or insidious, intentionally or not.

And I think it’s time that we start talking about this within the occult community, especially given the “fringe, hidden” nature of groups and the dynamics that get accepted within it.

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Exploring Modern Witchery

After years of being in a traditional coven, I’ve gone and veered to the extreme opposite by exploring a newbie tradition that is centered on women. Their teachings and structure are simple. Their structure modern and millennial. And French.

It’s so completely different to everything I have known and been taught but I am enjoying it because it’s helping me suss out what I have liked and disliked about Wicca over the years.

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