Grow With Us – You’re invited!

After months of dreaming , Faye & I are both majorly reworking our gardens this year.

We invite you to join us in this experience of gardening as spiritual work, a practice of magic, a pleasure and an escape!

Please use hashtag #greenwitchgrowalong2022 on Instagram so we can indulge in your work.

You’ll also be able to follow-along as we share our big projects and some exciting news.

On Growing a Saturnian Garden

As I write this, I am 5 months into growing my first Mandrake plants. If you had asked me last summer if I’d ever grow mandrake, I’d have probably given you some serious side eye. Why would I ever want to grow mandrake (okay, there is a legitimate answer for that and I’d have known it even then, I just wasn’t particularly curious about it that point in my life—after all, I had a 4 year old in my home and it isn’t the safest of plants to introduce into a home with a child). But in Dec of 2018, out of nowhere, I suddenly got it in my head to go buy Mandragora seeds.

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